November, 2008


Red Line’s F2007 Ferrari

Ever since Minichamps lost the licence to produce contemporary F1 Ferrari models, collectors have suffered at the hands of Mattel’s Hot Wheels (or Cold Wheels as many call them!) range. Outside of the brilliant Tameo kits, it was difficult to source good quality modern F1 Ferraris – until now. Red Line Models now offer a range of 2007 Ferrari F1s in various versions. I purchased the Filipe Massa Bahrain GP winner a few weeks back, but it arrived pre-crashed. The front wing was broken off with several pieces floating aroundRead More

Trax XA Opal Series

The XA GT is the first Opal Series Ford from Trax – and it’s a pretty good subject that looks nice and appears to be selling fast. My XAs (I purchased both colours, which is unusual for me as I usually only purchase one of each new release) arrived safe and well, but I read on the Trax / Top Gear forums that several collectors had their XAs delivered with bits torn off, such as wheels and windscreen wipers. Dimensionally, the Trax XAs measure up pretty good against published specificationsRead More