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Some of the projects I’m currently working on appear below. More photos will be added as each progresses. Completed  projects get moved off this page and into the BUILT KITS, the CODE 3s and/or ENHANCEMENTSs pages.

  • updated 19 November  2017


1965 Honda RA272 (Tamiya, 1:20)

Back to a Tamiya 1:20 F1 kit, the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix winning car of Richie Ginther. This car had a V12 engine, but it was mounted transversely (crossways) in the back of the car.

The unboxing, all the parts in their bags. My kit has box art of a frontal view painting of the car whereas photos on the web show an alternative box exists that has a rear view photo of the model with the engine cover off.

Very few decals in this kit, which is molded in ‘ivory white’ body colour, grey/sliver, black and clear plastic. The tyres feature a really nice tread and already have Goodyear identification printed on the sidewall.

All of the exhaust pipe outlets are molded blunt ended (right pipe) which is unacceptable in a kit of this scale. I used my pin drill to give a tubular effect (left side)

All of the exhaust pipe outlets are molded with a blunt end (right pipe) which is unacceptable in a kit of this scale. I used my pin drill to give a tubular effect (left side).

I’ve decided to try a different method with the build of this kit. While watching the Supercars on TV, I spent a day preparing each and every part (cutting off sprue, removing mold lines and general cleanup of each piece) so they’re all now ready for paint. A few sub-assemblies have been started that will be painted the one colour,
such as the engine block, exhaust pipe sets and some of the rear suspension. Plastic snap-lock bag holds the part numbers indicated so I don’t get Left and Right side pieces mixed up, or lose a couple of really tiny parts.

The Honda V12 engine mostly done. I didn’t use the colours specified in the instructions, instead I referred to period photos of the car which differ to present-day pics of restored machines. I’ve used Tamiya’s TS-87 Titanium Gold for the rocker covers etc as I think it better represents the real car.

Steering wheel and dashboard done.

Steering wheel / dashboard assembly, a brake disc & caliper, plus part of the fuel tank that will sit behind the radiator in the nose of the car.

Completed wheels. The instructions call for these to be semi-gloss black, but photos show the wheels to have a dark metallic look. I mixed a little gun-metal in with the black and like the result. The machined rim edge and wheel nuts were done with a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen (1mm tip) that I found in a local art supplies shop.

Some primed body parts drying. I’ve used Tamiya white primer straight out of the TS can. I’ll use an airbrush for the body-colour coats.

The completed engine and a couple of wheels near a pen for size reference. The kit does lend itself to further detailing – such as fuel lines and ignition wires – but I’m building it pretty much box-stock, other than correcting some of the colours.

Second shot of body colour drying. I’ve mixed a little Tamiya TS-26 ‘Pure White’ with the recommended Tamiya TS-7 ‘Racing White’ as I reckon the TS-7 alone is a little too yellow.


1988 Coloni CF188 (Tameo, 1/43 scale)

I bought this Tameo kit from a shop in Adelaide in the late 1990s. The previous owner had made a start, painting the body and floor, plus assembling the front and rear wings.

They’ve done a decent job of the body, but there are numerous other parts that should be the same colour. I’m going to have to try and find the right yellow to match, or perhaps strip the existing work and re-spray to get a uniform look.

Tameo kit #75 has been started by someone else. Will be finished by me.

Gearbox drilled to accept the drive shafts which have been cut to length for fitting the wheels

Each rim is two pieces and then requires photo-etched spokes and wheel nut to be glued in place. Wheels nuts are about 2mm wide… Tyres have had the edges lightly sanded.

Fitting the spokes inside the rims, which have had some black paint added. Each wheel will be sprayed semi-gloss black.

To be continued…

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