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Some of the projects I’m currently working on appear below. More photos will be added as each progresses. Completed  projects get moved off this page and into the BUILT KITS, the CODE 3s and/or ENHANCEMENTSs pages.

  • updated 1 February 2018


1988 Coloni CF188 (Tameo, 1/43 scale)

I bought this Tameo kit from a shop in Adelaide in the late 1990s. The previous owner had made a start, painting the body and floor, plus assembling the front and rear wings.

They’ve done a decent job of the body, but there are numerous other parts that should be the same colour. I’m going to have to try and find the right yellow to match, or perhaps strip the existing work and re-spray to get a uniform look.

Tameo kit #75 has been started by someone else. Will be finished by me.

Gearbox drilled to accept the drive shafts which have been cut to length for fitting the wheels

Each rim is two pieces and then requires photo-etched spokes and wheel nut to be glued in place. Wheels nuts are about 2mm wide… Tyres have had the edges lightly sanded.

Fitting the spokes inside the rims, which have had some black paint added. Each wheel will be sprayed semi-gloss black.

VF Commodore Supercar (Biante, 1:43)

I haven’t done a Code 3 for a long time. Step 1 for this V8 Supercar is to strip the donor model ready for a re-spray.

The project starts life as Biante’s “Plain Body Prototype – White” Holden VF Commdore. But what will it become? …

The donor – Biante VF Supercar in plain white. If this project was a white car, I could just add the decals. But it’s not.

Ever wondered what was underneath one of these? Well, now you do. There’s not a screw in sight…

Let me tell you, Biante didn't design these things to come apart easily! It's quite an effort to dissassemble to this state - I got away with only breaking a wheel and headlight, but there's a lot to go wrong. I sure would like to know what glue they use on these - it's bloody good!

Let me tell you, Biante didn’t design these things to come apart easily! It’s quite an effort to disassemble to this state – I got away with only breaking a wheel and a headlight, but there’s a lot to go wrong. I sure would like to know what glue they use on these – it’s bloody good!

1977 Tyrrell P34, Monaco GP (Tamiya, 1:20)

I was very tempted to do a “modern day” F1 kit next, such as Tamiya’s Red Bull, but decided to do this Tyrrell instead. Many (many!) years ago I already built Tamiya’s first issue of this 1:20 scale 6-wheeler, the navy blue P34 from 1976.

For 1977, Team Tyrrell used the P34/2, a modified version of the original P34 that featured a wider front track and very different bodywork. However, for the Monaco and Belgian Grands Prix the team reverted to the 1976-spec bodywork. And that’s what this kit depicts.

No 53 in the 1/20 Grand Prix Collection, this later version appears to have all the same components as the original, plus several extra parts specific for this race.

Box content. Quite a few extra parts in this compared to the original.

To be continued…

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