Chrysler, Ford & Chev Coming From Trax

Top Gear (Trax) has released a couple of new offerings in the latest newsletter, April 2018 – but neither are race cars 🙁

In the Select Series is Chrysler Royal Plainsman Station Wagon. “Chrysler produced 2 wagon versions with the Plainsman being more upmarket, with a choice of 6 or 8 cylinder power plants. This was the luxury offering in this market segment. With less dealer ‘muscle’ the model achieved only moderate sales.

Chrysler Royal Plainsman Station Wagon in Light blue & white

There’s also this 1988 KE Ford Laser TX3. “This exciting little 3 door ‘pocket rocket’ Hatchback sported a 1597 cc engine which developed 62 KW of power. It could hit 0-60km/h in 5.7 seconds which for that era was really moving. A dashing little set of wheels.”

1988 KE Ford Laser TX3 in Monza Red

View the full 6-page newsletter HERE.

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