A (Big) Tobacco Batch

Here’s another batch of tobacco decals applied to pre-built 1:43 scale models (these ones are all from Spark) with before and after photos of each.

This one has me confused. Gold Leaf decals for the sides have to be applied by the collector, yet spark has already printed Gold Leaf in a much larger font across the rear wing. Go figure…
This was a straight forward application and the decals lined up perfectly with the decoration already on the model.
The Frank Williams Racing Cars team fielded pay drivers for several seasons. This is a few years before Williams Grand Prix Engineering was born and the Arab money that led to World Championship success.
Now with all the Marlboros in place. The black decal for the rear wing must be cut before applying as it needs to sit down between the vertical fins. The ‘point’ of the chevron on the front of the car is supplied as decal; on the model as it comes from the factory the point is actually a radiused curve.

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