‘Blue Tank’ Lotus 79, Mario Andretti

This is a terrible model.

In fact, it hardly passes as a decent toy – you have to build it yourself and it doesn’t come with all the parts to make it work!

1978 Lotus 79, Mario Andretti by Blue Tank. Decals are yellow but look greenish when over black.

According to the box, this Lotus is number 2 of a seven kit F1 series released by “Blue Tank”. The range includes 1978 Ferrari, Lotus Tyrrell, McLaren, Wolf and Brabham, plus the 1979 Ligier.

The very same kits were also marketed under Nitto & Entex brands.

Box art shows other cars in the series.

They are very basic plastic kits in 1/28 scale that are supposed to have a small electric motor to propel the car. I can not recall ever seeing the motor, but it’s probably 30-odd years since I bought and built this kit.

The kit has minimal parts and the body shape is a poor representation of the real car.

The general shape suggests Lotus 79. Front wheels are steerable. The room lighting makes the orange peel look worse than it really is.

I do recall this was a ‘quick build’ just to see how it would turn out, so a poor kit and a rushed job equals the mess you see here.

Battery cavity under the model. Kit was molded in blue plastic. No ground-effect tunnels or engine detail on this Lotus.
Rear tyres have flat-spotted from being on display for 20+ years
The decals never really took to the model – see the frosting, especially in the 5? I used Tamiya TS paint straight from the can. If I recall there was a light coating of TS Clear over the top of everything, which is possibly the only reason why the decals haven’t fallen off!

In summary, this is a rough build of a basic kit that is not designed for serious modelers.

It would be of value, however, to someone new to the hobby, or someone who wants to learn or develop techniques without risk of wrecking an expensive kit.

If anybody wants this Lotus, they can have it. Contact me.


1978 Brabham BT46 Alfa Romeo, John Watson (no Niki Lauda decals). $5 (actually, this one is FREE - there are no tyres in the kit!)
KIT FOR SALE (but it’s FREE) 1978 Brabham BT46 Alfa Romeo, John Watson (no Niki Lauda decals). FREE to a good home (there are no tyres in the kit)

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