Brock & Moffat Bathurst Tobacco Conversions

Three famous Bathurst racers had their tobacco decals applied this week – two Brock Commodores and a Moffat Mazda.

ACE Model Cars 1982 Bathurst Winner

Another beautiful piece from ACE, the Peter Brock/Larry Perkins VH Commodore that won Bathurst in 1982, modelled in resin, 1:43 scale. It’s a fairly recent release, limited to 1000 pieces.

ACE Models 1982 Bathurst winner. Marlboro decals come with the model.
The ACE decals were fantastic – high gloss, easy to handle, quick and straightforward to apply.

Biante Moffat Mazda RX7

This model was done by Biante quite a number of years ago now and was one of their first resin 1:43 scale offerings. It’s the Allan Moffat/Gregg Hansford car that finished third in the 1984 Great Race. Released around 2011, only 500 pieces were made.

Back in the day, Biante used a lot of tampo printing for model decoration. On the Moffat Mazdas this included the “International” signage, plus the jet and jetstream that form part of the logo. No Peter Stuyvesant decals are included.
Decals are aftermarket and like the Marlboros on the 1980 Brockmobile (see below, same ebay seller), they wanted to curl up at the edges and were a pain to get settled down.
Surprising amount of interior detail for this scale

Classic Carlectables VC Commodore, 1st Bathurst 1980

Classics have done a number of Bathurst Commodore winners. This one from 1980 (third win on the trot for Peter Brock & Jim Richards) has an opening bonnet, engine and lots of underbody detail. Limited edition of 1600 pieces.

Classic Carlectables 1980 Bathurst winner sits way up in the air on that silly reflective plinth.
Finished version.
The aftermarket decals were a pain to get settled. Each decal wanted to curl into itself and took a lot of time and work to get the edges settled onto the model. Model includes road-car interior and alloy roll cage, which is how the Group C racers ran in the day.
Drive train and suspension detail under the Classics Commodore. The ACE version has basically no underbody detail. While Classics have put a lot of effort into this detail, I think the ACE model looks better in the display cabinet.

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