Huge Collection at Model World Maffra

Who would have guessed there is a huge collection of models on public display in the regional Victorian town of Maffra?

Model World Maffra, a collection of around 3,500 pieces, is housed inside The Gippsland Vehicle Collection – like a museum for mini cars inside the main pavilion for 1:1 scale versions.

MWM say it’s one of the largest public displays of models on show in the country. Described as “one man’s lifetime collection”, the pieces on display reflect “a diverse range of models ranging from British Busses, Cranes, Fire engines, Racing Cars, Vintage Cars, Motorbikes and even a selection devoted to Elvis Presley”.

The collection is housed in its own purpose built display room, organised into several rows of custom-built display cases. It is a truly impressive setup.

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection changes what is on display several times during the year. When I visited (January 2022) there were two themes to the display – “Rod and Custom” and “Vehicles of 1969”.

Well worth a visit, admission is $15 per adult. Location is 1A Sale Rd, Maffra, Victoria.

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