Limited Trax Rarities

Trax has again announced a very limited number of models they’ve ‘found’ after the move into new premises.

“When each new model is released by Trax one carton is put aside to provide replacements for any faulty goods returned and this stock is usually not included in stocktake. Our last count at our new premises unearthed this stock which because of it’s age has become rare and valuable.” ~ Trax

The sale ends September 29, so be quick! (orders can only be done by phone, so visit for details)

The List:

TR8D     LJ Torana  White         1999 $54.95
TR5E     EH Holden  Bathurst    1999 $54.95
TR16E VL Commodore HSV Perkins  2001 $54.95
TR17C  HQ Holden   Mustard  1999 $54.95
TR26J  XK Falcon  Silver Top     2002 $54.95
TR24D XT Falcon  Red    2000 $54.95
TR26D XK Falcon  Blue/White 1999 $54.95
TR28D  LX Torana Hatch    2001 $54.95
TR29C  XK Falco ute  Neptune oil   2001 $54.95
TR30C XK Falcon Wagon Green/White 1999 $54.95
TR31 HZ Kingswood Ute White   1998 $54.95
TR33D LC Torana GTRXU1 Dan Holland   2003 $54.95
TR36  S Series Valiant  Leaf Green    2001 $54.95
TRL 3B   1:24 scale HK Monaro Silver Mink  2000 $195.00
TR21B  EK Std Sedan  green    1998 $54.95
TRS4 Ford Bathurst 71 Barnes/Skelton/McKay 1999 $99.00
TRS8 Torana GTR XU1  Brock/Bond   1997 $125.00


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