Model Kart in 1:12 Scale

A 1:12 scale kit of a racing kart has been announced by Vroom Karting Magazine in Italy. Made in resin by Zetakit, the model will have around 50 parts including chassis, wheels and decoration.

The first model is of a CRG-brand chassis with 125cc TM engine in specification of the 2013 KZ (shifter kart) World Champion, Max Verstappen (though it looks like there is no Verstappen signage or race number – presumably a licencing issue?).

CRG/TM in 1:12 scale (pic – Vroom)

First release is a limited edition of 199 kits.

The pre-production prototype photographed here was built by internationally renowned model maker, Gennaro Zappa. It has been built to a high standard and includes additional aftermarket accessories not included in the kit.

 The kit will include the factory CRG decoration for the fairings, but of course the builder can paint and decorate the kart as they see fit.

The parts that make up the kit. Being resin, this kit would be difficult for inexperienced builders to achieve a professional result (pic – Vroom)
Expert model builder Gennaro Zappa has used advanced techniques and products to build this prototype (pic – Vroom)

The kits are expected to be available in March 2022. In kit form, the price is €169 (approx $270 AUD – yikes!), however there is an option to purchase already painted and assembled examples – but the price and delivery time is “on application” (probably yikes x3!!).

More info (and pre-order) on Vroom HERE.

pics above by Zetakit.

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