Small Town Sculptures; Big Town Prices

This is a not a model race car post, but there is some great work here utilising skills I admire.

The Gippsland Sculpture Expo is currently running in my hometown of Yinnar. While visiting the folks over Easter I went and took another visit of the many works littered around the main street of town, plus the gallery at the Art Resource Collective (ARC).

There’s around 40 outdoor exhibits in Main Street and another 70-plus items in the ARC gallery.

This appears to be a scratch-built locomotive and wooden bridge. Not sure of the scale but it’s about 1 metre long. From a modelling perspective, very impressive! Price: $10,000.

While there is some arty-farty trash in the lineup, there’s also a number of really cool pieces, whether that be from the engineering and materials perspective, or the story the piece represents.

Because I’m a modeler, the exhibit that got my top vote is the metal locomotive on the wooden bridge. It appears to be all hand-built, not from a kit, which is pretty damn impressive.

The Gippsland Sculpture Exhibition is open 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays through to May 9, Main Street Yinnar (VIC). More info on the expo’s Facebook page HERE.

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