New Stuff From Top Gear (Trax) & Biante

Top Gear’s July product brochure There are some decent models in here I’d like to buy, but Top Gear have priced themselves out of my market, eg: the yellow Des West FX #27. Trax produced a previous FX of West’s a few years back (in diecast), but this resin one is now twice the price! Why not just use the existing mould? (I’ve posed the question to Top Gear about this – now waiting for the reply). Biante V8 Supercars A number of 1:43 scale Supercars became available this weekRead More

Review: Trax LE Coupe

A quick review of the LE Holden Coupe by Trax, an excellent 1:43 scale model that has now sold out.

Videos: 2015 Diecast Model Expo

Videos of some of the new release models on display at the 2015 Diecast Model Expo in Penrith on the weekend. Some nice looking items in this lot! Apex Replicas Biante Classic Carlectables ARMCO/Models56 Trax Ace Model Cars “Show Specials”      

Trax / Top Gear Releases For Next 6 Months

Top Gear have published their planned new releases for the next 6 months. To their credit, they’ve got some some desirable models coming up. It’s just a pity about their current pricing, otherwise I’d be getting a couple of these. The GTF 351 would be top of the list, but I have no desire to buy it in a twin pack that includes a model I already have. The company has also announced a new series of models – Beer Trucks! I reckon these could be a big hit ifRead More

More Special Models for Diecast Expo

Some additional ‘special offer’ models have been announced for the Diecast Expo. Firstly, ACE Models have produced this replica of the Holden Precision Driving Team Commodores from the early 80s. The VH SS is 1/43 resin and includes the ‘missing decals’. 300 will be produced at $99.95 each.   Secondly, ACE Models have done a 1:64 scale Mad Max twin set – the colourful MFP 4-door XB and Max’s famous black hardtop version. The packaging depicts the cars sitting on a road stretching back to the horizon. Production is 1000Read More

New Announcements / Releases

Some new stuff that’s recently been announced: Top Gear/Trax This 1980 Statesman WB Caprice in Nutmeg Metallic is a desirable model that would appeal to many. Being a Select Series release, it is made to order, and orders close 15 October. Release will be in November. Trax Code: TSS12, it will sell for $159 inc P&H. And for that reason, I won’t be getting one. $160 bucks for a 1/43? Err… No. Also from Trax is a 1/43 version of the Holden LE Coupe. Again, another great subject, but aRead More

LookSmart Ferrari’s & New Trax

Italian model maker LookSmart will produce the 2015 Ferrari SF15-T Formula One racers of Sebastian Vettel (Malaysian GP winner) and Kimi Raikkonen (2nd, Bahrain) in 1/43 scale. These handbuilt models should be a good quality substitute for what Burago will churn out, but they’re at the expensive end of the market with an Australian retail price of $155. Both are ready for pre-order (along with various sports cars and the 1971 312B2 F1) on the Apex website HERE. Trax has revealed a number of ‘coming soon’ models in their latestRead More

New Release Updates – Trax/Spark/Models56

Some updates on new and recently announced models: Top Gear / Trax Top Gear has confirmed the upcoming Holden LE Coupe will be 1:24 scale. I’m sure the regular Trax collectors would have preferred this in 1:43, but I guess there is still that option (for them – or another manufacturer) in the future. This will come with a mirror-backed display case and judging from the Top Gear pics below, should look pretty good. More on the Top Gear site HERE. Apex Spark will produce the stunning black “test car”Read More

New Stuff from Trax, Biante & Models56

Paint sample of an upcoming new release from Trax

A number of new announcements and updates on new product over the past week. Trax Top Gear revealed via social media a “1st colour sample” of a Holden LE Coupe (the HX 308 GTS with gold honeycomb wheels). It will be a limited run of just 600 items, in resin. They won’t reveal the scale, but logic would suggest 1:43 (I mean, why would you do it in a larger scale when Classic Carlectables pumped out 3600 of them in 1:18 a few years back?). The real car now hasRead More

Trax Change Club Membership Format

Top Gear has announced the Trax Club membership format has changed. The NSW-based company has dropped the printed quarterly “Keeping Trax” magazine and will replace the 1:64 FJ Van club model with a 1:43 FC Holden Panel Van. Full detail of the changes below (click the image for a larger version). Hats off to Top Gear for trying something different, but again, I think they are totally missing the mark for what people want. A Birthday Club? Really?!? What I loved about the original club was the magazine and theRead More

A Metal Model From Trax

It was refreshing to receive an old-style metal model from Trax in the post today. It was also encouraging to see Trax’s new plinth and display case.

Big Discounts on Selected Models from Top Gear

Top Gear is clearing out more old stock, offering heavy discounts on quantity purchases of selected items:

Management Change At Top Gear

statement from Top Gear

There has been a change of management at Top Gear. Company founder Frank Tregallas has stepped aside to allow Bob and Sue Rusconi take over the day to day running of the business. This statement from Top Gear arrived today:

Chrysler Royal AP3 V8 Next In Trax’s Select Series

Top Gear is now taking orders for the next model in the Select Series. There will be two colour variations of the 1960 Chrysler royal AP3 V8 sedan. The series’ previous releases have proven quite popular, but with a hefty $149 per model price tag, will this continue?

Holden Tow Truck Part of Latest Trax Offerings

A custom HJ Holden Tow Truck would be the highlight in the latest Top Gear (Trax, Trux etc) catalog. Like most of their latest offerings, the black HJ is resin. In diecast, there’s a new FC Wagon (2 versions) and re-colour of the EJ Holden Van, this time in Rosella Jams & Sauces decoration. Click the images below for a larger version: