Tobacco Production Line

A few months back a fellow collector wanted tobacco markings applied to a batch of his scale models.

A number of the models (usually the more recent releases) came with the ‘missing’ markings tucked inside the packaging. However, after market product had to be sourced for the older models.

The owner was concerned about the skill, time and patience required to apply all the decals to 17 models, so posted everything for me to do the work.

Production line – the client really likes his models and had multiples of the same piece! These are the solutions I use to help the decals stick and conform to the model.
Working into the night on those bl**dy Marlboro and Winfield decals!

The images below show the before and after for each model.

Brock VH Commodore by Ace Model Cars.
The decals that came with this model were excellent.
Nissan GTR Godzilla by Apex
After market decals had to be sourced for this one. Much of the after market product is difficult to work with – it seems like you get one shot at laying the decal down neatly. If it creases or tears, it’s Game Over. Luckily the owner supplied a sheet with multiple prints, so this boo-boo was removed and a new decal applied.
All the models were 1:43 scale, except this – the ’88 Bathurst winning Sierra in 1:64 scale by Inno64. For its size, the detail and quality is quite impressive, as are the decals which come with the model. They even include placement information 🙂
Allan Moffat’s 1978 Cobra XC by Biante.
Biante printed the 4 camels, but not the Camel Filters wording which was sourced after market.
Richo’s beautiful black and gold BMW by Spark.
Spark’s decals are the proper mirror gold finish and went down easily.
An old Brock A9X by Biante.
After market Marlboro was difficult to work with and as can be seen here, is not a full black (but to be fair, the photo makes this look worse than what it is).
Le Mans winning Jaguar by Spark. Note how the decals (which are supplied by Spark with this model) are a glossy finish.
Softener was need to get them to snuggle down over the tight curves of some of the vents in the body, but as usual, Spark’s decals behaved brilliantly.
Another version of the ’88 Bathurst winner, but in 1:43 scale by Spark.
The finished models, ready to be re-packed and posted back over the border to their owner.

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