Video: Model World Maffra

Have you been to The Maffra Shed? The one that houses a huge 3,500 piece model collection that can be viewed by the public?

I went earlier this year and the video below shows what I found.

Model World Maffra is part of The Gippsland Vehicle Collection inside The Maffra Shed. The venue is stacked full of real 1:1 scale vehicles, but this video is mostly about the collection of miniatures that contains road, race and rally cars, road and race bikes, trucks, buses, fire engines, construction equipment, tractors – all sorts of stuff!

It also encompasses many different brands of model; Biante, Corgi, IXO, Matchbox, Classic Carlectables, Oxford, Trax, AutoArt, Spark, Franklin Mint – plus many more.

This slideshow video doesn’t really do it justice – you really need to get there in person to appreciate it all.

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