I guess I’ve been a collector since I was a kid, when I started receiving toy cars as gifts in the 1970s. I’ve been a builder since I discovered Tamiya’s 1:20 scale F1 kits in the mid 80s.

While that’s when the interest was sparked, it wasn’t until the late 90s that I got seriously into the hobby, simply because prior to that any spare cash I had was used to go racing – there was none left for models!

With an interest in publishing (eg, KartSportNews.com), the original iteration of the Wixy500.com site was launched in 2008, more as a modelling news website. Over time it’s morphed into a personal blog of my builds and conversions plus model reviews and the odd off-topic-but-interesting post.

I should stress this is not a commercial retail site – I’m not in the business of selling model cars or carrying stock!

While I do have some items surplus to my personal collection for sale (see the Models for Sale page), I am simply a private collector/builder sharing my hobby with others who have a similar interest.

Please enjoy!

Mark Wicks

For those who are interested… I own and run Australia’s main competition go karting website (www.kartsportnews.com), deliver IT Training sessions and do a bit of driver coaching – see www.wickstechnic.com.

My Personal Collection

Most of the collection is 1:43 scale and mostly Formula One and Australian Touring Cars/Supercars. I’ve also got Indycar, NASCAR, LeMans-prototypes and Aussie road car models, plus other odds and ends like presentation & test cars, some rally cars etc. Most are ready-built diecast or resin models, but there’s also a number of kits.

The collection is largely in mint condition, however it does feature a number of code-3 and ‘enhanced’ items – mostly of older models as, unlike today, some of the earlier pieces didn’t have particularly good detail or finish.

Collection Themes

  • Formula 1 – Formula 1 Grand Prix cars. Models from every year of F1 racing, from 1950 to today. The collection target is to include an example of every type of car that has competed in an FIA Formula One World Championship race. (Collection sub-theme: F1 World Champions)
  • Supercars – Modern era Australian V8 Supercars, plus Australian Touring Car Championship and Bathurst race cars from 1960 onwards. (Collection sub-theme: Bathurst winners)
  • Australian Road Cars – Australian road cars: utes, sedans, vans and wagons, Holdens, Fords, Chryslers – even the Leyland P76!
  • Indycar & NASCAR – Famous cars from Indianapolis, from the first winner in 1911 onwards. Includes Champ Car, USAC, CART and IRL. American NASCAR stock cars from the 1950s onwards. (Collection sub-theme: Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500 winners)
  • LeMans/Sports Cars – Sports cars, such as LeMans style prototypes and a few Can-Am. (Collection sub-theme: Winners of LeMans)
  • Rally Cars – Not of major interest to me, but I have the full DeAgostini mail order rally car collection (which I’m prepared to sell – see For Sale page).
  • Everything Else – Models that don’t fit the above themes, such as Formula 2, Formula 3, various test and launch cars, promotional models, GP Bikes etc.


1/43 and 1/20 scale Formula 1 kits. I’m interested in both white metal and resin kits, built or unbuilt, particularly of the lesser known private and backmarker teams and drivers. Would also consider Indycar and NASCAR models, kits or built.

Kits & Conversions

I’ve always got at least one kit or conversion on the go.

  • See some of the more recent builds via the Build Diaries.
  • See what’s currently being worked on via Current Projects.
  • See completed “Code 3” builds HERE 
  • See enhancements/fixes/tobacco conversions HERE.