BYO (Build your Own) F1 Ferrari

Check these out! This guy scratch-built a 1.3-to-1 scale Ferrari F1 model from cardboard. Everything is hand cut and glued. In the second video, it gets painted up as Sebastian Vettall’s 2018 Ferrari SF71H. Scroll down and watch him make one from Coke cans, and another from matches (which then gets set alight!) A reminder, … Read more

1993 Lola T93/00 Ford Indycar, Mansell (Tamiya 1:20)

The next kit to build was selected from the stash simply because it was sitting on top of all the others! Tamiya’s 1:20 scale Lola Indycar in road course configuration. This was (mostly) built straight from the box to be Nigel Mansell’s Championship winner. I was almost going to do Mario Andretti’s car (simply because he’s … Read more