Workbench Update: September 2021

What’s been on the workbench this month? Well, the Toyota 88C-V from Tamiya is complete; a 43rd scale metal Ferrari by Tameo is lined to start; there’s some progress on Mika Salo’s Tyrrell, plus dramas and mistakes with a diecast Holden Racing Team Supercars conversion…

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Repairs: Tameo F1s

These two professionally built F1 kits had been damaged and required a little work before they were ready again for a display cabinet.

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The Histories of Model Kit Manufacturers

There have been a lot of companies come and go in the model kit manufacturing business. Max’s Models has published a stack of history videos that give a fascinating insight into the industry and cover a wide range of brands, many of which no longer exist.

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1988 Coloni CF188 (Tameo, 1:43)

This Tameo kit had already been started by the previous owner. I effectively started again, trying out some new paints, a custom colour mix and modifications to fit my own plinth.

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My ‘Lost’ Models: The 1990s

Tamiya 20025 - 1990 Williams FW13B (built as Ricardo Patrese)

Here’s the third and final installment of my ‘lost’ models. It startles me that the most recent build on this page (the McLaren at the bottom), was over 20 years ago.

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My ‘Lost’ Models: The 1970s

Tamiya 20014 - 1979 Williams FW07 (built as Alan Jones)

Remember the 20 ‘lost’ models mentioned a few months back? Well, here they are again, but this time ‘nude’, with bodywork removed and some comments about each build.

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