August, 2011


More Ciggie Signage & Biante Fixes

In time, I’d like all the models in my collection that are supposed to have tobacco markings, actually have them. It will be a big job to organise, purchase and apply aftermarket decoration to them all, but at least a start has been made. Above & Below: Before and after application of after market tobacco decoration to a brace of Biante 1/43 models – 1984 Bathurst VK Commodores, 1995 Skaife/Richards VR and 1976 John Harvey LH Torana. I purchased three water-slide decal sets from three different eBay sellers to evaluateRead More

Fixing Biante’s VR/VS V8 Supercar

Who the hell at Biante signed these off as OK for final production?! When compared to the earlier VX/VY/VZ Commodore V8 Supercars, the Biante VR/VS models look terrible. Yes, the finish is excellent. Yes, the decoration is fine. Yes, the interior is well detailed. And yes, even the underside looks ok. But the skinny-track wheels tucked in far too narrow under the bodywork make these models, which would otherwise look superb, look ridiculous. It’s a subjective thing, but tyre width/size and how the wheels fit under the body is aRead More