May, 2016


Plinths and How Models Are Displayed

  If only we could have the standard Spark plinth utilise the Minichamps stackable case… I like the way Spark models have a rather straightforward display plinth – model neatly aligned with driver/car details printed alongside. I don’t like the card outer sleeve or that stickers are used to hold the clear display case on the plinth. I would prefer the cases were stackable, interlocking like the Minichamps ones do. I like the way Minichamps cases can be stacked vertically (impressively high if need be!) without risk of them slippingRead More

Fixing Buzz’s Suspension (and other things)

This is what's inside a 1:43 scale Minichamps Reyanrd.

Having looked at the misaligned push-rods on the Buzz Calkins Indycar (see Quick Review article HERE), I decided I’d have a crack at fixing them.   After removing from the plinth, 2 screws hold the model together and the main upper body has to be pulled back a bit to clear the rear suspension. I had to be really careful with the Bradley decal on the sidepod. It was already dried and cracked (this model is about 20 years old these days) and thankfully didn’t get damaged further. At firstRead More