October, 2013


Apex 2012 Bathurst ‘Retro’ Cars

The two Apex models with their Classics buddies ~ The 2012 Bathurst "Retro Scheme" Collection ~

Back in April, I blogged about Classic Carlectables’ 2012 Bathurst cars, including the two ‘retro’ racers from FPR and 888 (click HERE to view). Well, the two Apex FG Falcons arrived a while back, so a direct comparison can now be made. Put simply, the Apex version is clearly the winner… and it would want to be at about 30% more expensive; RRP is a hefty $70(!). Production figures for these ‘one off’ resin race versions are: Moffat/Davison ‘Tru-Blu – 840 pieces Reynolds/Canto ‘Bottle-O’ – 720 pieces wixy500 rating (outRead More