Models For Sale

list updated: 20 August 2021

Items surplus to my collection. Almost everything here is obsolete and no longer available from the manufacturer. Unless otherwise stated, condition is excellent.

Models come with original box and certificate if applicable. Buyer to pay postage (or local pick up is ok – Pakenham, Vic). I can take further photos if you wish to take a closer look.

Prices as marked. Offers considered on bulk purchases. I occasionally have items on ebay too – seller name is wixy500.

Above & Below – Desktop spray booth with extraction fan, ducting and turn-table. Branded as Voilamart HS-E420K, it’s basically identical to the HSENG E420DCLK model, but without the LED lighting (see the HS-E420DCLK on the thehobbyman website HERE). This is the spray booth I’ve been using for the past few years. Reason for sale is I’ve bought a larger more powerful one that has twin fans. $80.

Dale Earnhardt Chev Monte Carlo, 2000 "Goodwrench". 1/24 scale by Revell. Easy to build SanpTite kit, see HERE). $20.
Dale Earnhardt Chev Monte Carlo, 2000 “Goodwrench”. 1/24 scale by Revell. Easy to build SnapTite kit (see HERE for example). $20.
1978 Brabham BT46 Alfa Romeo, John Watson (no Niki Lauda decals). $5 (actually, this one is FREE - there are no tyres in the kit!)
1978 Brabham BT46 Alfa Romeo, John Watson (no Niki Lauda decals) by Nitto. $8 (actually, this one is FREE – just discovered there are no tyres in the kit!)
The late Dale Earnhardt's 1998 Goodwrench Chevy Monte Carlo, the 'Plus' version from early in the season. Revell 1/24 scale, pre-painted Pro Finish SnapTite kit.
The late Dale Earnhardt’s 1998 Goodwrench Chevy Monte Carlo, the ‘Plus’ version from early in the season (when he won the Daytona 500). Revell 1/24 scale, pre-painted Pro Finish body SnapTite kit. $25.

Above: Touring/saloon cars from British and German championships, Minichamps 1/43. The DTM cars of that era looked tough!

  • 430941256 Alfa Romeo 155 G Simoni #56 BTCC 1994 – $40 SOLD
  • 430953504 AMG Mercedes C-Class Jan Magnussen “Tabac” DTM ’95 – $40
  • 430960519 Alfa Romeao 155 Jason Watt “Bosch” DTM ’96 – $29 SOLD
  • 430950408 Alfa Romeo 155 Nicola Larini “Martini” DTM ’95 – $29 SOLD
  • 430953315 AMG Mercedes C-Class Dario Franchitti “D2” Presentation DTM ’95 – $40

Above: Maisto Mercedes CLK-GTR 1998 “exposed engine” decoration, with rain tyres – $18.


Above: Biante Minicars – Holden, 1:64 scale

  • B640801G Monaro CV8 Brock/Gigney 2003 Targa Tasmania – $50
  • B642302C – LX A9X Brock/Richards 1978 Bathurst WINNER – $50
  • B640501B VL Gp A Grice/Percy 1988 Bathurst – $40
  • B641402C VU SS Ute Brock/Brock 2001 Targa Tasmania $55
  • B640601G VX Commodore 1st run model – $35
  • B642202C LH L34 Brock/Brock 1976 Bathurst – $45
  • B642302E LX A9X Bob Morris 1979 ATCC Champion – $40
  • B642302F LX A9X Moffat 1979 Amscar – $40
  • B642202D LH L34 Brock/Sampson 1975 Bathurst WINNER – $50
  • B642202A LH L34 Bond/Skelton 1974 Bathurst – $35
  • B642302D LX A9X Brock/Brock 1977 Bathurst – $50

Above: Trax Ref #8022 Ford Sierra OXO Andrew Miedecke – $20


Above: Tameo 1/43 white metal kit, ref TMK57 – 1987 Arrows Megatron A10 (builds Cheever or Warwick Brazil GP version) – $58


Above: Biante Minicars – Ford 1:64 scale

  • B640702WA BA Falcon Brad Jones 2005 “This Way Up” upside down livery version – $30 (has box damage)
  • B642101G XY GTHO Fred Gibson 1972 Bathurst – $32
  • B642102D XW GTHO Moffat/Hamilton 1969 Bathurst – $35
  • B642101D XY GTHO Moffat 1971 Bathurst WINNER – $40
  • B642102E XW GTHO Moffat 1970 Bathurst WINNER – $45

Above: Biante B430703B FPV GT Sedan Mercury Silver – $23, Biante B431601A Falcon AU XR6 Liquid Silver – $20 SOLD


Above: Matchbox WS700 – Ford Thunderbird stock car, Davey Allison #28 (1/32 scale?) – $5


Above: 1996 Ferrari F310/2 by Maisto, 1:20 scale, Michael Schumacher. I believe this was only available through Shell outlets (not toy/hobby/model shops) and as such comes in a special Shell promotional package. This is the late season “high-nose” version. Steerable front wheels – $25


Above: Spark #S1612, 1964 Lotus 25 BRM, Mike Hailwood, French GP, 1/43 – $60


Above: Action AC4011403 Chev Corvette C5R Dale Earnhardt Snr/Dale Earnhardt Jnr/Collins/Pilgrim 2001 Daytona 24hr – $65


Above: Limited edition run of the Honda RA 099 F1 prototype from Minichamps with commemorative display box. This is the famous all-white test car that never raced. 1/43 scale, Ref 436990099, $38


Above & Below: FDS kit ref #91 (9/1980), 1980 Ligier JS11/15. Builds either Laffite or Pironi version. Box damaged but everything inside is still sealed and intact – $45


Above: Polistil F1s, 1:40 scale. All 3 models include unused sticker sheet (only the left side sticker is applied from the factory). 1980 Ferrari 312 T5 Scheckter $15. 1979 Ligier JS11 Laffite $8. 1979 Brabham BT48 Niki Lauda $20. (or $40 for all 3)


Above: Onyx XLM033 Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S #12 David Brabham/Bernard/Leitzinger #12 LeMans 1999 – $48


Above: Onyx #039 Jaguar XJR-11 LeMans 1990 Silk Cut colours (no Silk Cut decals) Brundle/Ferte/Leslie #1 – $15


Above: (from top) Richard Petty Pontiac #43 by Road Champs – $8. John Andretti Pontiac #43 by Mattel – $8. Ricky Rudd Ford Taurus #10, 1/43 and 1/64 scale set, special NASCAR 50th Anniversary edition – $12.


Above: IXO 1/24 scale, RAB055 – 2003 Honda RC211V Valentino Rossi #46 – $29


Above: Caldecott XY Ute Nugget Gold – $25


Above: Classic Carlectables’ V8BRutes, all include Certificate of Authenticity and covers for rear tray.

  • 43510 VU SS Ute James Brock #22 – $48 SOLD
  • 43548 AU XR8 Ute Warren Luff #40 – $38
  • 43557 AU XR8 Ute Warren Luff $40 “Coopers” – $43
  • 43556 AU XR8 Ute Allan Grice #16 “Akubra” – $43
  • 43554 VU SS Ute Gary McDonald #2 “Kanga” – $38
  • 43583 VU SS Ute Holden Motorsport $38

Above: LeMans Winner, IXO LM2004, Audi R8 Kristensen/Ara/Capello #5, 1st LeMans 2004 – $29.


Above: Revell Ref 4013, 1/43 Jeff Burton Ford Thunderbird 1997. $30


Above: (left) Brumm r241, 1975 Alfa Romeo 33TT12, Merzario-Ickx Spa 1000km – $25. (centre) Trofeu 1205, Porsche 936 Jacky Ickx/Derel Bell, 1st LeMans 1981 – $49 SOLD. (right) Quartzo #3003, 1982 Porsche Kremer 935 K3, 5th LeMans – $19 (broken display case, but the model is fine).


Above: NASCAR 1/43. Jeff Burton Thunderbird #99 “Exide” by Mark One – $15. Steve Grissom Monte Carlo #41 “Kodiak” by Race Image – $15. The previous owner of these models removed the driver safety net, detailed the interior and painted the wheels red on the Kodiak car.


Above: Johnny Lightning IRL Indycar – $4


 Above & Below: DeAgostini Rally Car Collection (click above image for a larger version). This collection of 73 models covers the history of world rallying and was released through newsagents in Australia from 2005 to 2008. 70 of the models were accompanied by a magazine featuring information on that particular car, plus other rally articles and profiles. Three further models (Transit Van, Escort on trailer, plus Mini in a diorama scene) also form part of the collection. This offer is for the FULL COLLECTION – all 70 magazines + their respective model, plus 2 binders, posters and the 3 extra ‘special gifts’. With exception of the van and car on trailer, this collection has been packed in storage and was never on display. It took nearly 3 years and $1200 to put this collection together. Can be yours for $790. Click HERE for a PDF of the full list.



Above: Each model comes on its own plinth with car, driver and event details. Loose fitting perspex cover fits over the top


Above: The entire collection is in excellent condition, with the exception of the cracked display case on this Opel.


Above: Issue 1 to issue 70, they are all there and includes 2 binders. Magazines are not currently fitted to the binders.


Above: In addition to the 70 “issued” models, these items were also included as part of the collection. The blister packs for the Transit Van and Escort have been carefully sliced to remove the models as I had these on display in a dust proof cabinet for a short time. The modes are still perfect.


1/43 and 1/20 scale Formula 1 kits. I’m interested in plastic, white metal or resin kits, built or unbuilt, particularly of the lesser known private and backmarker teams and drivers. Would also consider Indycar and NASCAR models, kits or diecast, 1/43 only.