Phillip Island Plastic Model Show

This should have been called the Phillip Island Plastic Model Truck Show because there were plenty of Big Rigs and not much of everything else.

Hosted in Cowes on March 26-27, it was a good little show with some quite decent builds spread out on the tables. The show also had some trade support offering kits, after market (truck) parts and all the essential modelling tools and products.

Some of the trucks were amazing. Those built by Ernie Hastas in particular were standouts for me. Displayed on a roadside-type plinth, Ernie’s models were built showing the trucks in showroom condition. In fact, a little too showroom as even the tyre treads were shiny.

She’s ready to roll! (but are we talking about the truck or the nude in the sleeper? 😮 )

The YouTube video below runs through a bunch of photos from the show.

  • Check out more videos on the Wixy500 YouTube channel HERE

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