1998 Bathurst Winner Is Coming!

Oh yeah, this is gonna be popular…

Apex Replicas has revealed photos of the 1:18 prototype for the 1998 Bathurst winning EL Falcon of Jason Bright & Steven Richards.

The '98 Bathurst 1000 winner, coming soon from Apex
The ’98 Bathurst 1000 winner, coming soon from Apex

The SBR V8 Supercar is the second in Apex’s EL/EF range and will be diecast metal construction, have opening doors, bonnet & boot with fully detailed engine bay, interior, boot, and underbody. The wheels will turn and the steering will work.

Apex Replicas: “Changing from the EF to the EL we have tooled up a new front bar, grille, headlights, bonnet, and rear wing but on top of that we have paid full respect to the importance of this model (one of the most anticipated Bathurst winners ever) and have gone the extra length and tooled up parts specific to this vehicle to make it as accurate as is practical. The new parts include:

  • engine bay air box
  • door mirrors
  • exhaust pipes and side sills
  • rear door windows
  • driver net


The certificates for the 1:18 version will be hand signed by both Jason Bright and Steven Richards. It is due in quarter 1, 2015.

1:43 scale

Apex has confirmed they have a whole range of 1:43 EFs and ELs in the pipe-line and are awaiting samples to arrive.

“We’re planning the EF/EL program to be a 3-4 year thing. There are heaps to be done but we’ll be careful not to flood them out. One per quarter is the plan.

Sounds good to me 🙂

Underside detail on the 1:18 sample
Underside detail on the 1:18 sample
The Stone Brothers Racing falcon engine detail
The Stone Brothers Racing Falcon engine detail

bright-richards-el-falcon-bathurst-1998_apex leftside elevation


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