New Incentives On New Biante Website

Biante unveiled a new-look website at the end of November which includes added incentives like 10% off for Biante Collector Club members, and FREE Shipping on orders over $150 – both smart moves in my opinion!



Message from Biante

Biante Model Cars are very excited to present our brand new home online: Everything we have implemented with the redesign of the Biante website has been about improving the experience for the most important people in our business – you, our customers and collectors.

Some of the benefits of using the new Biante website include:

A new and improved Collectors Club: Collectors Club members will now receive an automatic 10% discount on all Biante web purchase as a thank you for your continued support. If you’re an existing member then log in with your current Username and Password and you should be right to go. If you’re not a member then sign up here, it’s completely free!

Free Shipping on orders over $150.00: In addition to our Collectors Club, now anyone who makes a purchase with us over $150 will receive free shipping! (Applies to Australian residents only) We will also be running promotions and competitions more regularly for our online customers to add even more benefits to shopping with us so stay tuned!

Pre-Order: We always call for Pre-Orders for practically any product we produce and now you can secure your favourite items with us online to ensure you don’t miss out when they are released. We will be selecting various models and new announcements regularly that everyone will have access to submit a Pre-Order if they wish to do so. Items marked as Pre-Order are paid for at the checkout and will be shipped to you with the lowest available certificate number (if applicable to the product) as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. We will send updates about the status of your Pre-Order as they become available so keep an eye out for new announcements in the future to fully use this feature.

Advanced News Delivery: One of the best new features of our website is our redesigned news feed. It is split up into four handy sections so you can easily find the news you want, they are: New Releases, New Announcements, Development Blog and General News. Every time we release a new product online, make a new announcement or receive interesting news or images from our factories then you will be able to read about it in the relevant sections of our news feeds. You will never miss a thing if you keep an eye on this section.

That’s just a few examples of the cool features of using the new website but there’s plenty more, so check it out and we hope you enjoy the new benefits of using our new home online.

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