RIP Frank Williams

Frank Williams, eponymous team owner and F1 wheeler and dealer before that, passed away yesterday in the UK. He was 79.

I don’t have a favourite race team; never have. But I must admit I was a bit of a fan of Williams. When I was a kid discovering F1, this was the up-and-coming team with their aggressive Australian driver, winning races and then championships.

Just a small selection of my Williams F1s. All these are 1:43 diecast or resin, except the two larger models at the back, both Tamiya kits I built many years ago in 1:20 scale.

There are countless websites that run through Frank’s impressive career, so no point duplicating that here. People with such focus and determination are very rare, particularly to punch on unabated with life after a paralysing road accident.

I have a LOT of Williams F1 cars in my collection, mainly because Williams has been around for such a long time, and enjoyed immense success from the late 70s to the late 90s. (There’s more on Frank on Wikipedia HERE. The Williams family sold its interest in the team in 2020.)

“40 Years of Williams” twin set by Minichamps, depicting FW06 and FW40 (Williams cars had been around for several years prior to 1978, but FW06 was the first car built by the Williams Grand Prix Engineering entity)
The last win – Pastor Maldonado, Spanish GP 2012.
Williams’ F1 Driver World Championship winners, starting in 1980 with Australia’s Alan Jones aboard the #27 Williams FW07B.

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