Authentic’s 2017 Bathurst Winner

Authentic Collectables scored a lucky coup in 2017, holding the contract to produce models for Erebus Motorsport which happened to win that year’s Bathurst 1000.

It was a popular win for Betty Klimenko’s team and drivers David Reynolds & Luke Youlden.

Authentic Collectables D43H17A – Holden VF Commodore, David Reynolds/Luke Youlden, winner 2017 Bathurst 1000. The CoA is part of the backing card. Mine is number 71 of limited edition 1002. It’s no longer available from the manufacturer.

Authentic has produced 1:64 (sold out), 1:43 (1002 pieces, sold out) and 1:18 (2202 pieces) versions with a huge 1:12 scale offering yet to be released.

I picked up this 1/43rd scale example to add to my Bathurst Winners collection.

However, I must say, I’m a bit disappointed.

While this is the first 1:43 scale model to come from this new brand, it would appear they’re using a factory already experienced with such models as it has a very “Biante-ish” feel about it. With that in mind, I did not expect there to be sloppy assembly and finish issues.

The rims are nice and shiny, but a couple of them had lots of casting flash on the inner edges which ruins the look. Also, the main body decal is misaligned, sitting too far back on the model (see how much overwrap there is at the front of the wheel arch?), the side-skirt is not fitted properly, and the side-skirt decal is badly aligned.
Front view. Grill is incorrect: it should be all black with no chrome (other than the Lion logo). Easily fixed, but one should not have to be doing that sort of work on an expensive (double the price of Classics’ 2018 Bathurst winner) ready-built collectible.
Rear view. ADVAM decal is not seated properly… among other things.
More decal misalignment. Here, the front bar decal is partly on the front tyre. The model is painted satin black, like the real racer, however the shine of the decals makes the model look quite messy under certain lighting. And what the hell is with the doubled-up PPG decal?!
For reference purposes, the 1:1 version takes the chequered flag at Bathurst.
Right-rear wheel does not even touch the ground
Underside detail and engineering looks the same as the Biante VF… are they manufactured by the same factory? Each wheel has its own axle allowing all the wheels to have some negative camber.
Driver names are not aligned with the window sill of the rear door.
Similar issues on this side of the model – flash in the rim, side decal misaligned (this side, it’s too far forward), side skirt not fitted properly. Chrome side vents need the insides blacked out.
It’s only a decal, but at least the fuel filler is on the correct side.

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