Efijy To Kick Off New ‘The Apex Collection’

Apex Replicas has announced a new premium range of limited edition resin models – “The Apex Collection” in 1:43 scale.

Subjects will be chosen for their exclusivity and special appeal. The first model in the collection will be the Holden Efijy concept car.

“Primarily limited to concept cars, road cars, or race cars where only one model is possible to be produced from the tooling, the Apex Collection gives us the opportunity to bring models to the market that due to their exclusive nature aren’t viable for general release” Apex said in a statement.

Efijy concept car prototype model by apex
A sample of the 1/43 scale Efijy, currently under development by Apex. Item #AC001 (in Soprano Purple) is due for release in Q3 of this year (pic – Apex)

The company said the pricing of the models will be above their normal range due to there typically being just one production run per tooling. No price guide was mentioned.

Each Apex Collection item will have an ‘AC’ item number to confirm its status as an Apex Collection item, will be produced in a high quality premium display box and all models produced will have an individually numbered limited edition plaque applied.

“There is no set schedule for releases in the Apex Collection, although we will try and keep it to a maximum of a couple models per year. When we find an item that fits the criteria and all licensing falls into place then we will begin development and make the announcements at the appropriate time.”

Hmm, okay, race car tools that can only be used once… how about Alfie Costanzo’s “Stock 84” McLaren M26E F5000, or Garrie Cooper’s Elfin MR9 F5000?

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