Model Expo “How-To” Workshops

The Diecast Magazine’s resident expert on all things customized, Rob Smith, will present a number of ‘How To’ workshops at the 2015 Diecast Model Expo.

The workshops will take place in the Main Expo hall and are free for all registered attendees. Rob will be available to answer custom modelling questions during the event.

The following workshops will be presented:

One of the pitfalls in custom building is the lack of ‘off the shelf’ performance components that complete a perfect build. Here we will design and build from scratch a set of kick ass extractors/ headers that will turn heads in disbelief.

Have you ever noticed that when buying a diecast replica, most if not all of them just give you the one option of a manual gear shift? Here we will go through the steps of how to create a ‘pro-stock’ automatic shifter that ‘B&M Shifters’ themselves would love.

There’s nothing worse than trying to pull down a model and breaking bits along the way. In this presentation we will go on the hunt to find where those little tiny screws hide that keep them all together and the best way to dismantle a model.

Yes, pulling a model down is one thing, but to put it all back together can be a little challenging to say the least. Here we will got through the steps of assembling certain bits that can sometimes try your patience.

A lot of time can be wasted re-doing custom parts that you have designed yourself, but learning the crafty art of moulding can be the best time saver in reproducing that special one off piece that you can’t get anywhere else.

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