OXO Ford Sierra Enhancement (Trax 1:43)

Trax made four racing versions of the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth – two DJR Shell cars (Johnson #17 & Bowe #18, sold separately), a black Texaco #6 version (Bathurst ’87), plus this 1987 OXO Supercube version raced by Andrew Miedecke that was released in 1990.

Trax Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 1987 OXO Supercube Andrew Miedecke
Above: The Trax Sierra’s came in a cardboard window box with a foam insert to secure the model. The rear wing and spoiler were separate items that had to be attached by the collector.

Above: Undo one screw and it comes apart easily. The seat, dash and interior insert are glued to the base plate, which is plastic on these models.

Above: The model is LHD whereas the real car was RHD, which is something that I was not going to bother correcting. A quick flick of red for the floor at least made the interior the right colour. Wheels received chrome-silver rim edges and gun-metal centres.

Above: The rear wing needed a black rear edge. While I brush painted the window frames by hand, this technique would have been too hard to get a straight edge for on the wing. I had some clear decal film left over from another project, so painted some of this in semi-gloss black, cut out the desired shape and applied it as per any other waterslide decal. Amazingly, the paint (Tamiya) didn’t crack!

Above: At some events an additional lower deck spoiler was used (as seen fitted here) while at others it wasn’t. I am guessing this was due to the changing Grp A rules/homologations for the Sierra during its lifespan.

Above: Indicators and blackouts on front bumper painted by hand. There should be further decoration on this model, eg, Castrol logos on the headlights, OXO for the rear wing etc, but I’m not set up to manufacture decals.

Trax Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 1987 OXO Supercube Andrew Miedecke
Above: Finished ‘Code-3’ enhancement. Not 100% accurate, but better than the original.

5 thoughts on “OXO Ford Sierra Enhancement (Trax 1:43)”

  1. Hi mate
    Got one of these from Aus recently and your write up interested me. Overall the model is ok but falls short in some areas. It isn’t up to Apex standard, or even Trofeu. Did this model ever have mirrors? In your picture, there’s something small and black in the top right hand corner of the box. What is that? Looks like a mirror? I questioned the seller and he assured me that Trax didn’t include them, yet there are holes drilled out for them where they should be. As for the wheels, they’re a let down. I’ve got some BBSs on order from G.P. Models here in the UK. I like your touch of painting the interior, red. Done that. I may have some decals for those not fitted by Trax but like you I’m not adept at making them. Hope you can help.

  2. G’day Mick. No mirrors came with my model either, despite there being holes in the casting for them. Photos in the official Trax book shows that none of the Trax Sierra models had side mirrors (there were 2 road versions and 4 race versions).

    The black on the box you refer to is just black marker that a retailer has used to scrub out an old price sticker.

    A good set of BBS wheels should enhance this old Trax model nicely – hope it works out!

    Cheers, Mark.

  3. Hi Mark
    A quick update, still waiting for the BBSs to arrive. Your write up says the real car was right hand drive and you were reluctant to convert the model to that. It’s a bit dark in there, so if the steering wheel was cut and moved, who would notice, certainly nobody I’m likely to encounter. A major failing is the lack of a roll cage. Did any Sierra race car run without one, surely not? I might move that steering wheel, but make a roll cage, definitely not. One other point about this particular car, when did Miedecke run it, did he have any success at all with it, no matter what side the steering wheel was on? I await your comments with interest.
    All the best, Mick in the UK. Whereabouts in Aus are you, mate?

  4. Hi Mick.

    Miedecke raced it in 1987. I don’t recall the level of success – you might want to Google that. I’m in Pakenham, about 60km east of Melbourne.


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