Tobacco Conversions on 3 x ATCC Cars

Tobacco Conversions on 3 x ATCC Cars

Some tobacco conversions on ATCC race cars:

Above & Below: Gricey’s Craven Mild LH Torana from 1975 (Biante 1/43, aftermarket decals)

Above & Below: Bathurst winning Benson & Hedges Ford Sierra 1988 (Apex 1/43, aftermarket decals)

Above & Below: Jim Richards’ JPS BMW M3 (Apex 1/43, aftermarket decals). Some of the JPS logos are really really small and a total pain to apply, such as the ones that go inside the emblem on the C-pillar.

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  1. Can you supply stickers for apex model of jim richards 1987 jps bmw m3 and the skaife / richards 1995 vr winfield commadore, both are 1:43 scale.
    Thanks, Matt

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