Touring Car Tobacco

Another batch of aftermarket decals applied to a variety of Australian Touring Car Championship models to increase the authenticity of how they raced in the day.

Moffat Falcons from 1977 (race winner, right) and the 1978 Cobra version. Both by Biante, both include pictures of camels on the front bummer, but no Camel signage.
Now with Camel signage.
1974 Bathurst HDT Torana, Colin Bond/Bob Skelton by Biante.
Dodgy decals, very fragile, curl up too easily and susceptible to frosting.
Now, Marlboro-HDT Torana.
Another Allan Moffat Falcon, the black Federation Insurance XC from 1979.
Now with Camel signage.
Allan Moffat/Derek Bell Mazda RX7 from Bathurst 1981. This forms part of Biante’s “podium” triple pack alongside the XD Falcons of Dick Johnson/John French and Bob Morris/John Fitzpatrick.
Now with Peter Stuyvesant decals. If you’re ever doing this conversion for yourself, make sure you get the right decals for the right year as these are a different size to the 1984 version.

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