Aussie Sprintcars!

Diecast models of Australian Sprintcars are set to be produced in 1:18 scale by Authentic Collectables, and there’ll be a plain-bodied white version to make it easier to produce custom versions!

The company showed off a sample at the Diecast Expo last year, but has now revealed the four models that will make up the initial release – three representing Australian drivers, plus a plain white version for “Code-3ing”.

They are made using completely new tooling comprised of roughly 145 die-cast and ABS parts.

“These models are based on our own Australian Sprintcar Championship 410 Sprintcar and are set to be produced in high detail featuring pose-able steering with removable wings and mud covers” Authentic posted.

“The tooling development for this range is quite advanced. Our current expectation is that these should start arriving later this year.”

Cam Waters’ Chief Racing #V6 version will appeal to both Speedway and Supercars fans

The company says the plain body version in gloss white “will be produced in an open edition for teams, fans and model enthusiasts to customise their own favourite Sprintcars for themselves.”

Plain body version with engine cover off and wheel mud covers on

“Moving forward, we hope to announce more models based on Australian Sprintcars as this range develops.”

Retail price in Australia is $230. Models can be pre-ordered at your local dealer or direct on the Authentics website.

James McFadden (Hodges Motorsport, 2022/2023 Australian Sprintcar Season)
Jason Pryde W14 (2022/2023 Australian Sprintcar Season)

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