Bob Jane Camaro

Last year, ARMCO (Australian Racing Model Co – a Models 56 brand) released the 1970 Chevrolet Camaro (but wasn’t it actually a ‘69 ZL1??) as raced by Bob Jane in the 1971/72 ATCC.


Well packaged with a COA (Ltd Edition of just 500 world wide), the first thing you notice is the model weight – or lack of. For those familiar with die-cast, this resin item feels like it would blow away in a strong breeze.

I am not aware of this build depicting a specific event (couldn’t find a photo that looks the same), but the car carries markings synonymous with Jane at the time.


The crisp lines of resin and a great paint finish make this a good looking model, however the wheels look a bit strange compared to the real ones (rim profile too high? tyre profile too low? no polishing of outer rim?) and the headlights are a bit blowfly-eyeish. None of the wheels turn, but there is some interior detail including roll hoop. There are no opening panels and the base plate just has some basic detail cast and painted and so this is a pure curbside (besides, who displays their models upside down?).


It wouldn’t take much to Code-3 this into another version with better wheels and different decoration, such as #76 on the C-pillar. Maybe Models 56 could release an alternative version in the future??

wixy500 rating

  • Collectability – 4.8 (just 500 made of a significant historical race car)
  • Finish – 4.7
  • Accuracy – 3.0
  • Value – 3.2 (approaching double the price of contemporary Classic/Biante models)
  • Overall – 3.9


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