Moffat/Bond XC Bathurst Falcons

Released under the AutoArt banner, this 1:43 twin set depicts the famous 1-2 finish at Bathurst in 1977. 3000 sets were produced (how else could they sell that many of the #2 car?) so they should remain at RRP for some time before they sell out.


Overall, the models look good with accurate markings (but no ‘Camel Filters’ cigarette signage) and castings that look in proportion.

The wheels/tyres, however, are a problem. They are either not wide enough or their diameter is too big (too high a profile) when compared to photos of the actual car (I haven’t actually measured these to scale, but visually it is obvious they are not correct). When viewed from the rear, the ride height is so high these look like 4WD Falcons.



wixy500 rating

  • Collectability – 4 (the 1-2 finish alone offers great subject matter)
  • Finish – 4
  • Accuracy – 3.2
  • Value – 3.2
  • Overall – 3.6

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