A Metal Model From Trax

It was refreshing to receive an old-style metal model from Trax in the post today. It was also encouraging to see Trax’s new plinth and display case.

trax tr90 fc holden wagon in red/white
Trax TR90 Holden FC Wagon comes in a new slimmer display case and therefore smaller outer packaging box

First thing I noticed was at the post office – the box is smaller and actually fits through the door of my PO Box! The reason is, Trax are now using a smaller and simplified display case. This is good news.

The plinth is plain black plastic and the model screws to this – no more cumbersome twist grips or ratchet sliders. The tapering of the perspex cover suggests the display cases are stackable.

The model itself is diecast. The paint on mine has a few minor flaws (‘dags’ in the wheel arch, plus a smudge at the bottom of the left-side A-pillar). Despite good coverage, it has a rather dull finish.

I’m no expert on FC Holdens, but the model does not reflect what Trax themselves say on their website in words and pictures about the “rear door handles on the FE and FC were higher than the front door handles due to the rear hip behind the front door”.

In the current climate of over-priced resin models, I think this metal offering from Trax (under $55 delivered) represents good value. Let there be more like this.

The black Trax backing card carries detail about the FC Wagon on the back. Mine was not inside the display case, but it fits without issue (see other pics). Well done Trax for the sensible plinth.

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