Review: Copersucar FD01 ‘Press’ 1975 (Spark)

Spark S3933 - Copersucar FD01 Ford, 1975

The Brazilian Copersucar team presented this wild looking creation as their first ever F1 racer, to compete in the 1975 Grand Prix season. This is a review of Spark’s 1:43 scale version.

The Latest Parcel

These four gems arrived from Apex a few days ago – a couple of lesser known F1s, a controversial Indy racer and Russell’s last (fulltime) ride. Each will be the subject of a review in the coming days/weeks.          

1977 Copersucar FD04, Hoffmann (FDS 1:43)

kits painted and half assembled

I won this old, and now very rare, FDS model on eBay a few years back. It is Emerson Fittipaldi’s Copersucar FD04 Formula One car from the first half of the 1977 season. It was advertised as a built model in need of some TLC as various parts had broken off. .

1976 Copersucar FD04, Fittipaldi (FDS 1:43)

FDS Copersucar 1976

This is the first white metal kit I’ve built from scratch. The kit is FDS #61 “Copersucar FD04 – 1977”, but it also builds the silver 1976 version.   Above & Below: Complete!