A Movie Made With Models

In the summer of 1971, 15-year old Steve Mirabelli and his friend combined their collections of scratch built NASCAR models – and made a movie. …

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New Models Coming From Apex & Biante

Biante's VL SS Group A Commodore "Bob Jane T-Marts" Grice/Percy, Bathurst 1987

Latest Aussie model news and releases


Sample of the 1:43 scale Efijy showing the car in production colour and special premium display box. The box will change for the final production (the carbon fibre panel will be replaced with something much lighter to make the car stand out more) and each model will have a metal plaque showing the model description and serial number.

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Biante Newsletter #55 – July 2014

Biante’s latest newsletter, #55 July, is now available. Download in PDF format HERE

It reveals there are several great 1:18 subjects ready for pre-order.

It also lists which 2014 V8 Supercars Biante will produce.

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Minichamps Newsletter – Week 25

No Formula One race cars this week, but there is an interesting old Hispano- Suiza from 1911 and the “rollout” version of the famous Porsche 956 racer that was sold to many customer racers in the early/mid 1980s

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Biante’s June Newsletter

A number of interesting race cars are in the latest Biante Newsletter, #54 (June 2014) – however, they are all 1:18 scale models.

  • Download the 12-page newsletter HERE (PDF format)

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Efijy To Kick Off New ‘The Apex Collection’

Efijy concept car prototype model by apex

Apex Replicas has announced a new premium range of limited edition resin models – “The Apex Collection” in 1:43 scale.

Subjects will be chosen for their exclusivity and special appeal. The first model in the collection will be the Holden Efijy concept car.

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