Formula One


Then & Now: F1 Models 35 Years Apart

New technology, manufacturing methods and materials sees the model cars of today a superior product compared to those of the past. Case in point are these Wolf and Brabham Formula One racers from 1977. Both of these cars were produced as part of the Technica/Eidai F1 collection. They have also now been modeled by Minichamps. I thought some side-by-side photos illustrating the contrast between then and now would be interesting. For the time, I reckon the Technicas  were a pretty good quality diecast model. The overall shape and proportions of eachRead More

Aussies In F1 Additions

Models of Australian drivers who competed overseas would be a great collection theme and would make a significant and interesting display, even if it was just F1 cars. While I don’t specifically collect to that theme, I do have models of most of the Australians who have competed in Formula One. Over the past six months I happen to have purchased these five Australian-driven F1 models. All of these are 1:43 resin replicas from Spark. Unfortunately, the Red Bull came with a broken front wing.

Spark & DJR Team Penske Announcements from Apex

Apex Replicas has added a huge list of new models to its site. From Spark there are 49 new 1:43 scale items, the first of which are scheduled to land in Oz in March. The list includes lots of classic F1, LeMans, Dakar, Indy, GT3 and a selection of classic road cars. Of particular interest to Aussie collectors will be Spark’s Porsche 911 GT3 Cup of 2015 Australian Carrera Cup Champion Nick Foster in Bob Jane T-Marts livery. Of particular interest to me is Johnny Rutherford’s 1974 Indy 500 winningRead More

Review: Copersucar FD01 ‘Press’ 1975 (Spark)

Spark S3933 - Copersucar FD01 Ford, 1975

The Brazilian Copersucar team presented this wild looking creation as their first ever F1 racer, to compete in the 1975 Grand Prix season. This is a review of Spark’s 1:43 scale version.

Silk Cut F1 Jaguar (and other novelties)

1979 Jaguar F1

Jaguar did not race F1 in 1979. But if they did, could the Big Cat have looked like this? Here is some brilliant concept artwork of racers that never existed…

New Release Updates – Trax/Spark/Models56

Some updates on new and recently announced models: Top Gear / Trax Top Gear has confirmed the upcoming Holden LE Coupe will be 1:24 scale. I’m sure the regular Trax collectors would have preferred this in 1:43, but I guess there is still that option (for them – or another manufacturer) in the future. This will come with a mirror-backed display case and judging from the Top Gear pics below, should look pretty good. More on the Top Gear site HERE. Apex Spark will produce the stunning black “test car”Read More

F1 Announcements From Apex – Spark & Minichamps

Australian distributor for Spark and Minichamps, Apex Replicas, recently advised of new product planned from both manufacturers. Alarmingly, there has been significant prices rises which will surely impact sales. From a personal perspective, it’s going to reduce what I’m buying. $100 for a 1/43 scale model (or $140 for some of the Minichamps!) is out of control. Might be time to attack that stash of kits rather than buying pre-built models!   communications from Apex Minichamps Minichamps have announced their initial range of 2015 Formula One cars. This year theRead More

Review: Williams FW05 – Warwick Brown

If you’re a collector of Aussies in F1, Warwick Brown’s Williams FW05 should be in your collection. Here’s my review of Spark’s version.

Fantastic F1 Ferrari Collection

A brilliant collection of 60 years worth of Ferrari Formula One race cars (From 1947 to 2007), all in 1/43 scale. enjoy 🙂

Spark To Do Alan Jones Championship Winning Williams In 1:18!

Alan Jones Williams FW07B

Spark will produce Alan Jones’ World Championship winning Williams FW07B from 1980 in 1:18 scale.

1977 Copersucar FD04, Hoffmann (FDS 1:43)

kits painted and half assembled

I won this old, and now very rare, FDS model on eBay a few years back. It is Emerson Fittipaldi’s Copersucar FD04 Formula One car from the first half of the 1977 season. It was advertised as a built model in need of some TLC as various parts had broken off. .

1976 Copersucar FD04, Fittipaldi (FDS 1:43)

FDS Copersucar 1976

This is the first white metal kit I’ve built from scratch. The kit is FDS #61 “Copersucar FD04 – 1977”, but it also builds the silver 1976 version.   Above & Below: Complete!

1977 Wolf WR-1, Scheckter (Tamiya 1:20)

Wolf WR1 1977 Tamiya

About time I got back to building Tamiya 1:20 F1s! I’ve owned this kit (#20006) for some time and planned a standard out-of-the-box build. This model has been re-released under number 20064 and from what I hear the newer one is better with improved tyres and numerous photo-etched parts. Having said that, my kit is not the very first release either, as it has Cartograf decals (I’ve read the original release didn’t use this brand??).

F1 Tobacco Conversions

Spark’s classic F1 models generally have better fine detail than their Minichamps counterparts. They also usually include the tobacco decals for the collector to apply to complete the decoration of the model and make it historically correct. This saves having to source aftermarket decals. Here are a few before and after shots of some Spark F1 models I purchased a while back (and only recently got to do the tobacco conversion!). As usual with Spark, the waterslide decals are excellent quality and apply well. I hope to show off moreRead More

1983 Tyrrell Ford 011, Alboreto (FDS, 1/43)

The finished rebuild. Alboreto's car had the red-tipped nose early in the year before it was changed over to fluro yellow, along with some other changes to the car's markings. I made the roll hoop out of a piece of thin wire.

This is the Tyrrell 011 that was used for most of the 1983 season. It arrived as a “gift” with another model I purchased off ebay a couple of years ago. I couldn’t do much with it until some replacement decals were sourced, after which I was able to rebuild it, pretty much from scratch. Build Diary The registration of the replacement decals is not as good as the old yellowed ones on the model, but hopefully the car as a whole will look better once rebuilt and repainted. Above: Read More